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If you are a small or micro-firm, our pension compliance package is for you

Are you running a small or micro-firm? Then the Jargon Free Pension Compliance package is particularly suited to your business needs. Naturally this software is scalable from 1 to 50.000 employees, but we suggest looking at our Jargon Free Benefits & Jargon Free Benefits Lite Packages if your business falls into the larger categories.

A small firm is viewed as having between 10 and 49 employees and a micro-firm is considered to have less than 10 employees. Remember there are over 1.3 million UK employers affected by the new auto enrolment regulations, so if you feel that pension compliance is only for large companies, it is important to take into account that 1.1 million of those employers are small and micro firms.

How can our pension compliance software help your small firm?

This system is great for small businesses that wish to only manage pension compliance on a bureau-basis, in line with the new auto enrolment reforms. This system is of most use to your small or micro-firm because it will automatically send out all the relevant forms to the correct employers on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, depending on how your payroll is set up.

This ensures that you and your employees are compliant at all times. Naturally this software handles all of the record keeping and reporting requirements you need to have in place to ensure your pension compliance is up to date.

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Make sure your micro-firm or small business is up to date with all its pension compliance legislation easily. Call for more info 01746 716767