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How can the Jargon Free Pension Package benefit your business?

Jargon Free benefits is a user friendly system devised by Steve Bee (former Head of Prudential Pensions and has advised Her Majesty's Government) During this time the Jargon Free benefits scheme has achieved the highest e-excellence rating in all consultant platforms reviewed.

The scheme has achieved so much because it realised that many business owners, managers and CEOs can run a very successful business but may not have the time to learn about in depth pension legislation and other important topics in this category. As pensions are becoming a very important part of any business, this scheme was set up to be as user friendly and understandable as possible.

Jargon Free benefits is a user friendly system that you can use to manage all of your employees' work place benefits such as pensions, life assurance, medical schemes, childcare vouchers and many more. It is a unique and easy way for you to keep track of all of your employees' details in one easy to use system that enable you and your business to stay legally compliant without the mountains of paperwork and administration it used to require in the past.

What are the main features of Jargon Free benefits?

  • Our web based software takes care of all the processing and storage so you don't even need a computer network, just an internet connection.
  • The system is completely agnostic and therefore plugs directly into your existing systems without you having to change anything.
  • It's a single system, meaning there is no need to have different tools for different benefits, it streamlines your workflow and fits around your business.
  • You can give your employees access to the system up to 24 hours a day 7 days a week, making for an efficient and flexible working environment.
  • You can provide your employees with the independence of managing their own work place benefits under your guidelines or legislation
  • The system works seamlessly with all pension schemes whether it's for an executive or a small self administered version
  • A uniquely priced system for any business size allows you to be financially efficient and keep track of your rewards schemes too
  • Our Jargon Free pensions system is built on award winning staff care systems, so you know you'll be getting a very powerful and easy to use tool for your business

How do Jargon Free benefits work?

Full flex benefits not only solve all of your auto enrolment needs but can manage many other employee benefits within the system. It can manage such schemes as bike to work or childcare vouchers.

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Childcare vouchers

Childcare voucher schemes are great way off providing savings for employers and employees. This scheme enables employees to save up to £933 per annum, this is also coupled with a saving for the employer of over £300 per annum. Childcare vouchers are exempt from tax within certain thresholds and therefore make it a great way of saving a business considerable money, whilst helping employees pay for the necessities


If your employees choose the more positive approach to the daily commute by riding a bicycle to work, there is a cycle2work scheme that allows employees to save up to 42% off the cost of a bicycle and accessories through tax and national insurance savings at no extra cost to the employer. This is a zero cost benefit which also helps to keep your workforce healthy and improves your business' green credentials too.

Dental Scheme

Your employees well being goes hand in hand with productivity. By offering a dental scheme to your employees, you can reduce the dental absenteeism and improve the moral within your workforce.

Group income protection

Staff turn-over rates can be bad for business, bad for consistency, bad for finances and bad for customers. Group Income schemes are a backup plan in case an illness or injury makes one of your employees unable to work for a period.

This scheme helps to retain your workforce and improve recruitment levels which lead to a more effective workforce that deliver a better service. A number of valuable benefits for your company include, reductions in long term sickness costs, reduction in the need to train and recruit replacement employees. This scheme also allows your business to receive pension and national insurance contributions when employees are absent from work.

Health cash plans

Health cash plans are a low cost benefit that help your employees with their everyday health costs. This plan can help to build loyalty amongst your staff, maintain staff retention and promote a healthy and happy work environment, which all leads to a much more productive workforce that enjoy their careers.

These plans can cover dental, physiotherapy, optical and chiropody amongst many other treatments. You can set an annual limit for healthcare and your employees can claim up to this amount per annum, leaving you in complete control of your finances.

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Find out more about our full flex benefits package without the jargon. Come and visit our friendly Bridgnorth team for a jargon free chat. 01746 716767