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Inheritance Tax

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Auto Enrolment

Make the right financial decisions with the help of Thompson Prior.

Ever since 1999 Thompson Prior have been dedicated to honest, open and genuine advice that makes a real difference to your financial life. From investment planning to protection plans and auto enrolment options we can offer advice and assistance at every turn to ensure that your money works for you and not the other way round.

On going training is essential to keeping us at the forefront of the financial sector and for over 14 years we have been providing dedicated financial advice for individuals and businesses alike.

Based in the heart of Shropshire, Thompson Prior are here to help with all of your financial needs

Our financial services can be tailored to your specific needs, regardless of whether you are a corporation or an individual looking to put your money in the right place, we can help.

We have a two appointment system in place to ensure that you feel confident about our expertise and to discuss your specific financial needs in detail. You will never be charged for the first appointment as we feel it is just as relevant for you to feel happy about working with us as it is for our team to have a clear and accurate picture of your current financial situation.

Once you have decided that we are the right people for you, we will then create a professional report which is based on thorough market research to determine what are the best options for you moving forward.

Being financially flexible is important to us too and that is why we can work with you on a fee based system. This ensures that we are aiding the growth of your financial investments instead of getting in the way of them.

We don't work for any 3rd party insurance companies, investment houses or panel providers so our time is dedicated solely to providing you with our full attention and the determination to help make all of your financial decisions informed and successful.

Why choose us for your financial services?

We received our 'Treating Customers Fairly' interview with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The outcome of this was marked as 'Outstanding' - This is an achievement that we at Thompson Prior are very proud of. This achievement also backs up our business ethos of putting you first.

  • Well established financial advisers
  • Friendly and approachable team that re there for you
  • Marked as outstanding by the FCA
  • Excellent service, no matter what your financial needs are

What does a financial advisor do?

We will sit with you and detail your personal or business financial position, we will then ask you about your personal or business objectives, goals and timescales. Once we have this information we will prepare a report with our recommendations aimed at having researched the market place and meeting your objectives and goals. We will then review your portfolio with you making any additions or amendment’s where necessary.

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We make qualifying  workplace pensions and auto enrolment easy.

We are your dedicated financial advisors in Shropshire and we always put your interests first so call us today on01746 716767